Great thinking, both strategically and creatively, results in effective communications.

Here's how we get there....

We sit down with you and work hard to understand your business. You know it better than we ever will, so we need to soak in your culture and climate. We know the marketing and advertising side of business. By combining that with your business expertise we'll develop a plan (either short or long term) which will move marketing from the subjective to the objective...and get the desired results. We believe strongly in a team approach, and we will search out the thoughts and opinions of everyone involved. We want to base our decisions and recommendations on as much information as we can get.

We'll then develop the right, "Unique Selling Proposition" for your product or service. The right one will be honest and truthful and resonate with your customers and potential customers.

We then go about developing marketing strategies and tactics to deliver to your business objectives. We prioritize these in order to deliver the best 'bang for the buck' within your established budgets. Once we have understood your problems strategically, the creative process can begin. This process must deliver communications that motivate your audience.

We don't think great creative needs to be expensive. But we do believe that it needs to be effective.

We then co-ordinate and execute all of the creative, production and media requirements to make the plan work....on time, on budget and seamlessly.

Our approach involves you in the process. We look for input from everyone involved. If you are a partner in our process, we are more likely to get the desired results.

"We don't think great creative needs to be expensive. But we do believe it needs to be effective."